Chairman’s Message

Jasim Ahmed Jasim Buti

Jasim Ahmed Jasim Buti


As a leading construction in Bahrain and since its origin in 1995 as Al-Ayed Constructions. Pakarab Contracting Co. W.L.L has dependably been a key giver to Bahrain in development area. It gladly relatives itself with prestigious and milestone venture in Bahrain.

We are focused on having a decent organization, sincerity and unwavering quality with our customers as opposed to client Contractor relationship. Our customer is completely mindful that we have the right stuff, assets and skill,and above all, the capacity to finish their ventures to the most astounding benchmarks on time.

Wellbeing, safety, quality and the environment are among the most imperative worries of our organization and we take after strict security administrations and additionally quality strategies and endeavors to ceaselessly enhance its execution. We at Pakarab Contracting Co. take pride in our accomplishments which we ascribe to the devotion of our staff, Whose remarkable aptitudes and ability are the key estimation of our organization’s prosperity. On account of our reliable group of laborer and experts, we have succeeded in demonstrating that we can convey on our guarantees, We can adopt to present circumstances and exceed expectations in our execution as per the general inclination of our customers.

It has been an exceptionally difficult journey from the beginning of our organization in 1995 until today. having begun as a little privately owned company, we are presently one among the top development organizations. Our real test today is to maintain the development we created till date. We are pleased with our past and have a dynamic present and we anticipate a promising future.